• 7 Ways to Care for the Skin Around Your Eyes!

7 Ways to Care for the Skin Around Your Eyes!

Many people ignore the part of the eye care. In fact, this is the most fragile part of the whole face of the skin. The extra stress caused by daily activities may cause fine lines, so don’t forget your eyes area while doing your skin care. Your skin and your eyes will reveal your age every minute!

✨To do list 1
Use the eye cream to massage in a circular motion to improve blood circulation, which helps to achieving the effect of improving dark circles.

✨To do list 2
Apply a hot towel to the eye area and then use eye cream after applying it, starting from the moisturizing type, and then adding anti-wrinkle and other functional eye creams to double the effect!

✨To do list 3
When facing the computer for a long time, you can choose anti-blue glasses for the screen to avoid excessive eye fatigue.

✨To do list 4
Do not wear contact lenses for a long time, otherwise it will cause dry skin around the eyes and drooping of the corners of the eyes.

✨To do list 5
Use lavender essential oil to shrink eye bags and reduce dark circles. Drop the essential oil in the water and dilute it by two to three times the usual skin care dosage.

✨To do list 6
The eye area of the skin is lacks of the fat layer, which is much weaker than the facial skin, and needs sun protection to effectively resist air dust and radiation.

✨To do list 7
Bananas, kiwis, blueberries, etc. contain a variety of good vitamins for eyes, which help to protect eyesight.

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