About Organic Face

Organic Face has been based in Sri Petaling since 2015. 

We share professional beauty knowledge to help everyone with skin problem.

Our Commitment

For skin care, we insist on the concept of "less equipment , pure hand skills ". Many skin care equipment or machine in the market are often only short-term but have not achieved lasting results. We believe a good product will speak the results by itself.

Combining a good hand skills technique and professional knowledge of beautician, are sufficient enough to treat our customers skin problem naturally.

At here, you don’t have to spend too much to get back into beautiful skin. We will help and teach you on how to have good skin maintenance too achieves the skin that you love.

There are many harsh products in the market, which hide their manufacturing materials and ingredients. They often bring a fast and temporary result but sadly those products are using harsh and chemical ingredients that secretly damage the skin and making the skin layer thinner. Therefore, skin easily appears sensitive or even acne.

Here in Organic Face Beauty, we are using Natural Skin Care. Our knowledge of each product is taught by professional tutors, and we are familiar with every component in the product. We believe all of us had the ability to distinguish if the product are harmful or not.

Our beautician is trained to ensure that their extraordinary touch and skills will help transform your skin. We provide a lot of training for beauticians, so that they has skills to diagnose your skin and to prescribe the customized skin care and treatment to optimize your results.

We provide a FREE AFTER CARE within 5-7 Days for customers to do skin examination.

A total satisfaction is promised every time when you book in with our expert team of beautician in Organic Face Beauty.

We sincerely hope that customers can enjoy the whole skin care process without pressure and exchange it for bright skin at an absolutely worthwhile price. 

Our Founder's Story

Skin Maintenance Start From Young Age

Affected by hormones and lack of skincare knowledge. She once had terrible blackhead and acne during teenage time. Fortunately, her mother encouraged her to go to the beauty salon and consult from a professional beautician to deal with all the her skin problems. As now, she has smooth and bright skin without acne. She therefore understands the importance of having good skin maintenance from a young age.

Study because of beauty.

Born to love beauty. After graduating from high school. She did not hesitate to choose a beauty career path and had a diploma course in order to let herself know more about the meaning of skin maintenance. At the age of 19, she entered the beauty industry and became an apprentice in a large beauty salon, while participating in all the training provided by the company and working tirelessly.


At that time, the standards of beauty salons made employees feel pressured. Not only did they require employees to continue to sell products and accessories to customers, but the demand for performance was even more suffocating.

Working hard to learn the beauty skill, she sincerely hopes that through the knowledge she has, she can help more friends who are facing skin problems. Having enough knowledge let her know that in addition to washing the face, we should also understand the quality of skin care products, so that we can protect our skin and keep it healthy and beautiful.


Founder of Organic Face Beuaty