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Mint Bioaroma Essential Oil


Botanical Family: Menta (mint)

Aromatic Influence:

With its clean crisp aroma and its ability to freshen breath naturally, peppermint is a favorite with people everywhere. Peppermint essential oil is often listed as one of the most useful essential oils available, and its ability to address a wide range of ailments makes it a valuable addition to your natural medicine collection. It is purifying and stimulating to the conscious mind. Reduces fevers. Dr. Dembar of the University of Cincinnati discovered in a research study that inhaling peppermint oil increased the mental accuracy of the students by up to 28%.





✅Anti-inflammatory (prostate and nerves),





Application Methods:

✅ Use in the bath or shower for absorption and aromatherapy benefits.

✅ Diffuse for aromatherapy benefits

✅ Massage diluted, for physical ailments

✅ Neat for headache and severe muscle pain and stiffness

✅ Use with compress for muscle pain stiffness

Best Blend with:

Oregano, Marjoram, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Grapefruits, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary, Tea Tree.

Do not use peppermint essential oil internally. Use with caution during pregnancy and in greater dilution for children 6 years old and over.


All our products are made from the best quality ingredients which are 100% vegetarian, and include no parabens, mineral oils or silicones.
Botanical Family: Labiatae (mint)

How to Use

Apply to Vita Flex Points and/or directly on area of concern. Use with caution if dealing with high blood pressure. Use with caution during pregnancy.

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