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Skincare Myth & Tips

By now you likely have a regular skincare method that you follow every day. But you might also do (or skip) certain things based on advice you’ve heard over the years. The thing is, there are a tons of skin care myths floating around that could be dragging your beauty regimen down. It’s time to clear the air and put these myths to rest once and for all so that you can make informed decisions when it comes to caring for your skin. Let us use the correct method to protect our skin

#1: Using rough towel to wipe your face after washing it!
Wiping your face with a rough towel will irritate the skin. Please take note moistness can accumulate bacteria. Therefore, if the towel is not cleaned in time, the bacteria will be hide on the towel no matter it is hung in the bathroom or in a dry place.

The correct method: Gently wipe the skin with facial tissue or cotton pad to absorb the water.

#2: Directly use tissues to remove the lipstick !
Rubbing and remove with tissue only will hurt the capillaries of the skin under the lips. Not only that, it will slowly change the colour of the lips over the time.

The correct method: Use a special eye and lip makeup remover to completely remove your lipstick. Do not be lazy girls!

#3: Remove makeup with facial cleanser only instead of makeup remover!
Don’t be foolish to think that just using cleansing products can replace the step of removing makeup. It is impossible to remove makeup completely!

The correct method: Use makeup remover or makeup remover cream to thoroughly remove the makeup on the skin, and then followed by cleanser to wash your face.

#4: Washing your face with water in the morning!
Water alone does not really clean your face as there has to be some kind of surfactant. Also during night time, we tent to use specific actives skincare, there washing them off in the morning will be important. It is difficult to clean up thoroughly without cleansing cream and it will easily clog pores and produce blackheads.
Do not believe? You can try it!

The correct method: Generally, for oily skin, it is recommended to use facial cleanser. Unless your skin is particularly dry or sensitive, it is recommended to wash your face with a mild cleanser and normal washing your face with water in the morning is acceptable.

#5: Dry skin is not suitable to use whitening products!
Many people mistakenly think that whitening products are not suitable for dry skin. In fact, whitening products can be better absorbed as long as the skin is adequately hydrated!

The correct method: Use serum or creams to moisture your skin and make your skin hydrated!

#6: Using toner by using slapping the face technique!
This is not only not conducive to absorption, but also evaporates the toner during the face pat.

The correct method: Soak a cotton pad with toner and apply it on the face, this way is more easy to absorb and more hygiene. Not only that, the cotton pad can release moisture in a balanced manner, so that the nutrients can be absorbed in between of the eye sockets and around nose area.

#7: Apply eye cream harder and in fast motion!
The skin around the eyes is more fragile and thinner than we thought. If you apply eye cream quickly and hard, it will not only damage the skin under eye, but also prone to wrinkles!

The correct method: Gently apply with the middle finger, and then gently tap with your fingers.

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